EUWIN – the European Workplace Innovation Network

As part of the European Commission’s Enterprise & Industry Mission for Growth strategy, a Europe-wide learning network for workplace innovation has been launched with the specific objective of improving the performance of organisations and the quality of jobs on a truly sustainable basis.

Research has long demonstrated a clear relationship between the practices associated with workplace innovation and high performance, with strong implications for the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). There is an equally strong relationship between enhanced quality of working life (and especially intrinsic job quality and well-being at work) and the achievement of key EU policy objectives such as the development and utilisation of appropriate skills, improved workforce health, active ageing at work and labour market inclusion.

Workplace Innovation embraces diverse EU policy fields including Social Innovation Europe, Flagship Initiative Innovation Union, Flagship Initiative New Skills and Jobs, Flagship Initiative on Industrial Policy, and Occupational Safety and Health.

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About Workplace Innovation

About Workplace Innovation

Workplace innovation is grounded in continuing reflection, learning and improvements in the way in which organisations manage their employees, organise work and deploy technologies.

Workplace innovation:

  • improves performance and working lives through positive organisational change involving inclusive dialogue and by releasing the creativity of employees;
  •  coalesces the strategic knowledge of the leadership  with the hands-on, practical but often unrecognised knowledge of frontline employees.

Workplace innovation seeks to engage all stakeholders in the process of change, leading to “win-win” outcomes in which a creative convergence (rather than a trade-off) is forged between enhanced organisational performance and enhanced quality of working life.

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Introducing EUWIN

Introducing EUWIN

EUWIN represents a unique body of experience relating to workplace innovation, based on transnational collaboration and knowledge sharing.

It is a Europe-wide learning network, launched with the specific objective of improving the performance of organisations and the quality of jobs on a truly sustainable basis.

Drawing on a wide body of practical experience, academic knowledge and specialist expertise, the EUWIN Network will provide a valuable resource for managers and employee representatives concerned with sustainable change in enterprises throughout Europe.

EUWIN is open to practitioners, social partners, policymakers, representatives of intermediary organisations and others with an interest in the workplace.

What’s in it for me?

Enterprises in the private and public sectors across Europe will enjoy unique opportunities to learn from each other, sharing experience and knowledge of „what works“ online and through workshops.

Policymakers, employers’ organisations and trade unions will gain insight into how they can make a difference by actively promoting and resourcing ways of working that lead both to higher performance and to better working lives.

Researchers will gain important new opportunities for collaboration, and for disseminating their work in ways which influence academic debates and workplace practice alike.

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How EUWIN Works

How EUWIN Works

  • EUWIN will focus on animating, resourcing and sustaining workplace innovation in companies in order to create more scale and impact across the EU.
  • EUWIN will accelerate the transfer of know-how and the application of workplace innovation practices across Europe.
  • EUWIN focuses on communication and awareness-raising.  In its workshops and symposiums EUWIN will deploy expert and experienced facilitators skilled in interactive techniques for audience engagement.
  • EUWIN is a catalyst for positive change, a stimulator and a generator of ideas.  It will seek to establish positive and practical outcomes and a body of usable, not theoretical knowledge.

EUWIN is organised around six regions:

    • Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Norway.
    • France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium (fr).
    • Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia.
    • Bulgaria, Romania, Greece,  the Former Yugoslav Republics.
    • UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium (fl).
    • Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia.

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Who makes EUWIN happen?

Who makes EUWIN happen?

EUWIN is led by a Project Board which includes individuals who:

  • lead and manage the most innovative and long-term public policy programmes for workplace innovation at Member State level in Europe;
  • are recognised as leading international researchers and experts in the field;
  • are experienced in establishing multi-partner coalitions of enterprises, public agencies, social partners and researchers;
  • are committed to creating an unstoppable momentum which will spread, resource and sustain workplace innovation across Europe;
  • are opinion formers and thought provokers.

Animateurs are responsible for network building, for delivering EUWIN’s multi-channel communication strategy and for organising and promoting the Network’s events in each of the six regions.

Animateurs are recruiting and supporting Ambassadors from enterprises, chambers of commerce, business federa­tions, social partner organisations, public agencies and research institutions with knowledge and experience of workplace innovation and a passion for spreading its potential benefits.

Animateurs also represent EUWIN at external events and work alongside Ambassadors to identify target audiences drawn from key contacts in public agencies, social partner organisations, professional associations, business support structures and universities, plus companies with an established track record relating to workplace innovation.

Ambassadors will be provided with a Toolkit of synthesised information on workplace innovation as well as practical guidance on how to represent EUWIN including sample content for presentations at meetings and events.

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EUWIN Activities

EUWIN Activities

The initial three year programme will establish a series of activities including workshops, social media networking and a database of online knowledge to enhance the understanding and practice of workplace innovation.

  • Pre-Workshop meetings with a sample of stakeholders in each country will help to identify specific challenges and examples of innovative practice.
  • Six small Workshops will be focused on the needs of each of the European regions, drawing on the knowledge and experiences of specialist panels and other relevant contributors as a means of generating reflection and new thinking.
  • Two highly interactive large Workshops will inspire participants and ensure learning and exchanges of knowledge and experience across borders. These key events will stimulate learning and reflection between representatives of leading enterprises, social partners, public agencies and knowledge partners from across Europe on the one hand and Ambassadors seeking to upscale workplace innovation in their own countries and sectors on the other.

All EUWIN events will employ interactive methods to engage participants, enable them to share their experiences of workplace innovation and learn from evidence-based practice.

There will also be a downloadable Guide to Workplace Innovation created for managers and employee representatives in organisations; this will include:

the business case for workplace innovation;

making workplace innovation happen;

the outcomes of workplace innovation;

case examples of workplace innovation;

sustaining workplace innovation;

signposts to further help and resources.

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